The problem with transparency is that once you state that as a cornerstone to your campaign when running for office – you have to actually be transparent.

Republican candidate for Kennett Township Supervisor, Ted Moxon has declared that if elected, he will bring “real transparency” to town government and act as the voice for people not represented by the current Supervisors. Sounds reasonable?  Words and actions sometimes differ.

Kennett Area Democrats recently uncovered public records documenting Mr. Moxon’s 2004 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in Pennsylvania’s Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District
This event is troubling only because Mr. Moxon while promising transparency has repeatedly cited his ownership and management of a successful business as his primary qualification for the job.

Unforeseen events happen in life.  And we are sorry for Mr. Moxon’s business challenges and don’t think that bankruptcy is something to be ashamed of. However, not being honest with the voters about your record of success and failure fails the litmus test for honest governance.

When you vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, take a few minutes to consult your trusted sources of news, opinion and fact.  It matters.