One of those ways is when Democrats don’t vote.

Republicans hold a registration advantage in most of our 10 municipalities, so winning for us is an uphill battle. But we can overcome that with good candidates and good messaging that appeals to independents.

What inevitably does us in, though, is that Republicans are more committed to voting than we are. Their turnout is proportionally greater than ours in nearly every election, from off-year primaries to Presidential general elections.

That needs to change…and it needs to change starting Tuesday, May 16.

We can’t afford to wait for a charismatic candidate or a burning issue to provide the motivation to go to the polls. We can not allow our unfamiliarity with the candidates or our lack of understanding about the positions on the ballot to deter us from voting.

The act of voting itself must be the reason we vote. Like clockwork. Year in and year out. It must be our duty, our mission, our cause, our purpose, our commitment.

And you know what? If we honor that commitment on May 16, we’ll send a strong message to Chester County and the nation that Democrats are in it to win it and we are a serious force that will not be denied.

See you at the polls!
Primary Election Day
Tuesday May 16th
7AM – 8PM
Wayne Braffman
KAD Chair