On Nov. 4 Democrats suffered a big loss, locally, across the state (except for the important win by Wolf over Corbett) and across the nation. On Nov. 16 the Philadelphia Eagles suffered a big loss. Both events have one thing in common: Democrats, like the Eagles, must ensure the loss does not beat them twice. In other words, we must learn from our mistakes, build on our strengths and move forward with confidence.

KAD began this process at our meeting on Thursday, Nov. 13. We looked at what worked for us in 2014 and what we need to do differently to make the outcomes in 2015 and 2016 better aligned with our mission of electing more Democrats at all levels of government.
We had 25 people at the meeting. I was impressed by the determination I heard in people’s comments and the eagerness attendees had to get on with the task. We meet monthly. Please check our website www.kennettareademocrats.com for our meeting schedule and join us whenever you can. Be a part of the solution. We welcome your input.
Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.