View From the Chair

Tip O’Neill was wrong.

The legendary Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill was perhaps best known for his dictum that “All politics is local.”

But that was before Donald Trump.

In 2019, all politics is national…and here’s why.

I don’t want Superior Court or Common Pleas judges who can not see that screaming ‘Fake news!’ and bashing the press are attacks on our Constitution and our Democracy. Do you?

I don’t want a District Attorney who is blind to the flagrant corruption in the Trump Administration. Do you?

I don’t want a Sheriff who will cooperate with ICE. Do you?

I don’t want school board members who think that separating children from their parents and locking them in cages is ok. Do you?

I don’t want township supervisors and borough council members who refuse to stand up and denounce white supremacy, racism and misogyny in their own municipalities. Do you?

Bottom line: If you will support Donald Trump in 2020, then you are unqualified to be elected to public office in Chester County in 2019.

So this year–2019–I want all of us working and donating like it’s 2020…because this year, all politics is national.

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats