Trickle down economics has failed, repeatedly.  Trickle down disrespect, unfortunately, has gained traction.  We cannot, must not, let hate win.

Trump, Toomey, Smucker, Meehan, Killion and Roe are all peas in the same pod.  They spout disrespect toward all the things we hold most dear – FREEDOM, FAIRNESS, OPPORTUNITY – for all.   They disrespect:

  • People who are new to our country or were not born here
  • People who work 40 hours and earn less than $300 a week
  • Our environment
  • Women
  • People who do not look like them

The list could go on.  President Obama labeled people like this part of a ‘Swamp of Crazy.’

Consider the Democratic candidates: Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Christina Hartman, Mary Ellen Balchunis Marty Molloy and Susan Rzucidlo.  These people all understand that we are stronger together, that we must lift people up not tear them down, that everybody matters, not just the rich and the super rich.

So, I say again, we cannot, we must not, let hate win.  We must vote against this trickle down disrespect that has captivated Republican candidates.  Please vote on Nov. 8 for Democratic candidates, from the White House to the State House and everything in between.

Thank You.
Dick Bingham