Hey everybody-

So…have you ever wanted to go to an event but waited too long to order tickets…and then got shut out at the box office? Yeah…me, too!

Well, we run the risk of getting shut out on Election Day if we don’t start our GOTV (Get Out The Vote) effort right now. Yes–you heard me–right now in September.

Even more than in other years, winning this year’s elections will be decided by voter turnout. The numbers are pretty straightforward for us here in Chester County:

–Republicans have about a 19,000 voter registration advantage.
–Republicans usually turn out at a higher rate than Democrats.
–To win this November, we’ll have to increase our turnout from the usual 20% to about 45%.

The good news is that we are capable of voting at a 77% rate, which is what we achieved last November. So we know that 45% or more is possible. The question is: How?

I’m asking all of you in the 10 KAD municipalities to contact your committee person this week and volunteer to knock on 40 doors of Democrats in your town. When they answer, you’ll simply ask them to sign a pledge to vote on November 7th (research tells us that this increases turnout). And then you’ll offer to send them a sample ballot the week before Election Day so they’ll know who our endorsed candidates are.

You can do this! You can find contact information for your committee person

Please don’t wait! The sooner you get started, the more effective this effort will be.

This is how we get front row tickets to see Democrats sworn in all around Chester County in January!