John Fetterman is the 52-year-old Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania since 2018.  He identifies himself as “not your traditional politician,” and at 6’8”, with a strong brow, tattoos, and a penchant for shorts—not suits—this is undoubtedly true.  John was formerly mayor of Braddock, PA, a poor majority black town in Western, PA.  As mayor for 13 years, he spearheaded an economic renaissance of the town and reduced gun violence.

As Lt. Governor, John has used his position to advocate for economic justice, criminal justice reform, and legalization of marijuana.  As chair of the PA Board of Pardons, he has fought for the wrongfully convicted and increased the issuance of pardons for model prisoners.

John’s campaign priorities include eliminating the filibuster, $15 minimum wage, voting rights protections, protecting unions and American jobs, lowering prescription drug costs, protecting a woman’s right to choose, and expanding protections for the LGBTQ community.

John does not support a fracking ban but does support a tax on drillers and stricter environmental regulations.  He supports, “a reasoned, rational approach, but also with the explicit agreement and knowledge that we must transition toward green, renewable energy.”

John has a BA in finance from Albright College and a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  John still lives in Braddock (in a converted car dealership) with his wife, three kids, and a dog Levi (the state dog of PA).

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Malcolm Kenyatta is the 31-year-old PA state representative for the 181st district in North Philadelphia.  He is the first openly LGBTQ person of color elected to the State House and also one of the youngest members. Malcolm is the grandson of the late well-known civil rights activist, Mohammed Kenyatta.

Malcolm’s primary issue is making government accountable to working people.  As a legislator on the House State Government, Commerce, and Finance Committees, and Vice Chair of the Philadelphia delegation, he worked on issues of intergenerational poverty, raising the minimum wage, protecting workers’ rights, increasing access to mental health care, and fighting gun violence.  He also supports democracy expansion, criminal justice reform, improving education, fighting climate change, and protecting reproductive rights. Malcolm supports a moratorium on new fracking projects and an end to industry tax breaks, with a shift to using the money to “fund a just transition to green energy.”

Malcolm worked previously at Hahnemann University Hospital and the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.  He has a BA in communication from Temple, an MA in public communication from Drexel, and has completed a program for state government officials at Harvard’s Kennedy School.  He is considered a “rising star” in the Democratic Party, and was one of the 17 speakers chosen to jointly deliver the keynote address at the 2020 Democratic Convention.

Malcom lives with his partner in North Philadelphia.

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Conor Lamb is the 37-year-old US Congressman from PA’s 17th district, which includes much of the Pittsburgh-area suburbs and all of Beaver County.  He won a special election in March 2018 in a district Trump won by 20 points.  He went on the win reelection in 2018 and, after redistricting, won again in 2020 in a majority Republican district.

Conor serves on the Veterans’ Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Science, Space, and Technology Committees in the US House.  His primary issues are protecting and expanding Social Security and Medicare, raising the minimum wage, cutting prescription drug prices, creating jobs and supporting unions.  A Catholic, he is personally opposed to abortion, but supports a woman’s right to choose.  He supports decriminalizing marijuana possession and eliminating prosecuting such cases.

Conor’s approach to working toward zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 is a multi-level approach including solar, wind, nuclear and hydrogen for energy. At the forefront is investing in entirely new technologies using American intellectual property and ingenuity along with the wealth of our natural and human resources. Currently storage batteries are the rate limiting step to supplying total reliance on solar and wind energy, shale gas can help fill in the gaps. Addressing the carbon and methane leakage in hydraulic fracturing, Conor was the lead sponsor of a bill signed by President Biden to improve methane capture at every stage of the fracking process from construction through distribution.

From 2014-2017, Conor served as Assistant US Attorney in Pittsburg, where he prosecuted drug dealers and violent criminals, while also working to help steer addicts to rehabilitation and offering lower sentences for nonviolent offenders.  Conor joined the Marine Corps after law school and served on active duty from 2009-2013.

Conor went to college and law school at the University of Pennsylvania.  He currently lives in Mt. Lebanon, PA, with his wife and son.

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