This is no ordinary election.
It’s about more than candidates, policies and political parties.
On November 6th:
  • Decency is on the ballot.
  • Respect is on the ballot.
  • Truth is on the ballot.
  • Democracy is on the ballot.
  • America’s soul is on the ballot.

Next week’s election is our last best chance to save our way of life and protect our uniquely American ideals and values.

For us, losing is not an option.

We must re-elect Senator Bob Casey to stand up to Donald Trump.

We must elect Chrissy Houlahan to make certain that Congress fulfills its Constitutional obligation to provide a check on unfettered executive power, abuse and misconduct.

We must re-elect Governor Tom Wolf because our state government is the last line of defense in our Democracy against a tyrant President.

We must elect Christina Sappey for State Representative in the 158th and Anton Andrew in the 160th to provide Governor Wolf the support he needs to veto extremist legislation and enact real solutions for all Pennsylvanians.

Yes, we need you to vote. But we also need you to be active and vocal in these final days. Make sure your friends, family and neighbors vote, too. Do not be shy about it. Shyness is a luxury we can not afford.

Vote like the soul of America depends on it…because it does.

See you at the polls on Tuesday!

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats