View From the Chair

We just completed our most successful local primary season ever: we recruited supervisor, council and school board candidates for all but 1 position across our 10 municipalities. Come November 5th–in 154 days–we will be in it to win it!

Chester County Democrats made history 2 years ago when we elected 4 county row officers for the first time ever. We have a golden opportunity this year to #FinishTheJob we started in 2017 by winning 2 County Commissioner seats…and our two great candidates, Josh Maxwell and Marian Moskowitz, are just the people to do it!

We have every reason to be excited and optimistic about our prospects. We’ve got a great slate of candidates up and down the ticket. We have dramatically narrowed the Republican’s registration advantage. We are far better organized than we were four years ago, led by an all-star team of dedicated and relentless precinct committee people. And, of course, he-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned provides daily motivation for us all.

All those factors will get us close to victory, but they won’t put us over the top. We need to excel in 3 more areas:

1)    Fundraising. Like it or not, money matters and the Republicans have more of it than we do. We’ll be asking you to dig deep in the weeks ahead. In fact, if the spirit moves you, you may donate right now using this link:

2)    Volunteering. We will open our campaign headquarters in September and we’ll be calling upon you to pitch in. This year, we’re going to work really hard to create teams in every precinct that will do the critically important work of mailing, phone banking, canvassing and literature dropping.3)    Voting. The math is pretty simple. In most odd-numbered years, only about 25-30% of voters show up on election day. If we turn out at a 50% rate, we win. Our job is to make sure that 50% is our floor and not our ceiling.

Get ready, Democrats, for history is within our reach…but we’ve got to earn it over the next 154 days!

Wayne Braffman, Chair
Kennett Area Democrats