Dear Friend,

If you thought that you had a year until the 2022 Mid-term Elections to catch your breath – well, you were mistaken. Republicans are holding hearings to overturn the 2020 National Election, introducing voter suppression legislation, and refusing to investigate the seditious attack on our U.S. Capitol. And to be sure, our PA Republicans have doubled down on their agenda of voter suppression, pushing to gerrymander the appellate judicial seats, and criminalizing women’s reproductive health decisions.

I hope this opener sounded the alarm – because it was meant to! The issues facing our nation, Pennsylvanians, and Chester County are serious and real. It’s not enough to have someone who shares our ideals in the White House, we need Democrats in our courtrooms, on county and state seats, on our school boards, and in our townships and boroughs. They are doing the critical work of protecting our democracy, and they need our support.

This election cycle we will be faced with electing Judges and local officials who will rule on such issues as:

  • Voter suppression
  • Gerrymandering
  • Medical Autonomy and Reproductive Rights
  • American History curriculum and Slavery
  • Transgender Athletes
While we can celebrate our US Democratic House, Senate, and Presidential wins in 2020, know the margin is slim in the US Senate and that the will of the people doesn’t seem to matter to the Republicans in office. That is why we must shore up our Judicial protections in this election.

We need YOU to turn out on election day, November 2nd. We need you to help us get out the vote and energize folks who may not be aware of the importance of this upcoming election. There are many roles to take and many opportunities that will fit in your comfort zone. All help is important and welcome! Contact me or your area Committee Person HERE and help keep our momentum going.

By the way, we also know how to have fun so please join us for the Wine in the Country fundraiser on July 24th to meet the candidates and help support our many efforts to win in November. Information found below. And if you are looking for ways to engage on issues such as Fairer Districts or the environment check out the ACTION box below.

As we recover from COVID restrictions we hope to return to our in-person meetings and would love to see you there.

Warm regards,


Carol Catanese
KAD Chair
Email Contact HERE

P.S. My phone line is always open so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.