I was struck by the results of a recent poll of working Americans who have embraced the pandemic forced work from home mandate. When asked what they would give up in order to continue to work from home, 34% responded they would give up their right to vote in all local, state and federal elections. That’s an astounding number of people! But guess what? If you don’t like leaving home, you can still VOTE.

Vote by Mail (VBM) is safe and easy. Be sure to apply if you have not already done so. You can check your VBM Ballot status HERE.

If you prefer a paper VBM Application you can call Voter Services (610-344-6410) and request one to be mailed to you, or you may go in person, fill it out, and submit it at the same time.

See the 2021 VOTING highlight with links to all things ‘voting’.

If you value the Civil Rights Act, Head Start, Fair Labor Standards, the first Voting Rights Act, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Family and Medical Leave Act, Safe Food and Drug Act, Clean Air Act, OSHA, and the list goes on, THANK A DEMOCRAT.

Democratic values touch every day life.

At the PA State level, these values are being challenged at every turn. After more than four years the Republicans in control of our State House have refused to advance legislation on redistricting reform. They are threatening to curtail voting by mail and other voter suppression measures, impugning the results of the 2020 elections as an excuse to pass onerous voter restrictions. The GOP continues to block legislation protective of the environment. Even as I write this letter, the PA GOP are moving to prioritize a pro-natural gas package. And this is despite the fact recent polling indicates Pennsylvanians support environmental protection.

For these and many more reasons it is crucial that you VOTE this November, and vote Democratic. Do not sit this one out. This is NO TIME FOR COMPLACENCY.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming months, at our monthly meetings, at fundraising events, out canvassing, dropping literature, or meeting up with the candidates.