Dear Friend,

What does a hospital, an elementary school, a grocery store, a backyard bar-b-q all have in common? They are each sites of recent mass shootings and murder. I’m left speechless. Between May 14th and June 9th there were 60 people, many children, shot and killed, and 37 injured, in nine separate events. It’s numbing and chilling. And after these mass murders, often with semi-automatic weaponry there is always a call for action on the national level. Democrats calling for safety measures including expanded and improved mental health access, a national registry and background checks, a waiting period, a reinstatement of the assault weapon ban, and other positive steps. Republicans call for hiring armed guards, arming teachers, and thoughts and prayers. And always, there is the uptick in sales of firearms! Children have learned how to hide and even play dead to survive these senseless acts of violence. Teachers have found themselves becoming shields. More guns and hiring armed guards has not been successful. Playing dead apparently has. But what about mental health access? What about an assault weapon ban? What about a national registry? What about some common sense deterrents such as age and background checks? And every positive change put forth by Democrats is shot down by elected Republicans.

Gun violence is a multi-dimensional social ill which only Democrats have been willing to address.

We had a primary election on May 17thy, and guess what? You showed up! Well, maybe not everyone, but in most of the KAD precincts, preliminary results indicate a greater than normal turnout for a primary, 48-60% Democratic turnout! Here is the challenge for November, let’s get that percentage to 80%. Then we stand a chance of winning, and thwarting the insurrectionists attempts to over throw our democratic republic. Are you in? There are many ways you can volunteer, fill out our new and improved form HERE.

Coming soon in August – our Campaign Headquarter Grand Opening. I hope to see you there. If not there then perhaps out canvassing for one of our fantastic candidates.




Carol Catanese
KAD Chair
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