As Democrats in a red county, we know we can take nothing for granted. We know we have to Dick 2continually work harder than the other guys. I am proud to say everyone in KAD lives by the “we try harder” motto. Consequently, we are steadily closing the gap with registered Republicans in our area, we helped elect Gov. Tom Wolf last November and we continue to increase our visibility by participating in numerous community events like the Mushroom Festival Parade earlier this month.

None of this can happen, however, without the steady support of people like you. We are in the midst of our annual fall fundraiser. Please go to to make a contribution today.  Donate what you can. Every dollar helps. A $120 donation qualifies you for our Blue Star Club described elsewhere in this newsletter. We pledge every dollar you contribute will be put to work to promote our Democratic values and to help elect Democratic candidates this November and throughout 2016.

Please also mark your calendars right now to vote on Nov. 3. A reminder to your friends and neighbors to do the same would also be helpful.

Thank you for your support.