Hope is Stronger Than Fear


Welcome to our new blog!

I’m Whitney Hoffman.  As new Zone Leader for the Kennett Area Democrats, I know there’s a big job ahead to make sure all of our candidates get elected this year.  There is more at stake this year than ever, and it’s important we all do what we can.

We welcome volunteers and people participating, and doing what they can to help. When our office opens in Kennett Square the week of August 15th, we want to welcome you to stop by. 

Do One More Thing (or more!)

I first got involved when someone said I could stop by and help anytime, back in 2008.  I would go by the office, with my elementary school boys in tow.  They would help put together signs, or fold material for mailings while I made some calls for the candidates. This open door policy made it easier for me to get involved, even if I didn’t have a set time each week I could volunteer.  I want to make that an option for everyone this year, because we know we will only win if we work together.


That’s one of the reasons we are starting this blog. There’s a lot at stake, and I know you have issues you care about deeply. I’ve asked our committee people, and I am asking you to submit blogs to us at kennettdems@gmail.com.  Try to keep them to 500 words or so, and while we reserve the right to do some edits, we want you to have your say and tell us why this election is important to you.  By sharing what we care about, we can help motivate others to show up and vote.


Flipping through the channels this past Sunday, I came upon the Hunger Games movie.  At one point, the “leader”- President Snow says “Hope is stronger than fear.” He’s right of course. While there is a lot to be afraid of, Hope, and working towards making things better is stronger than the fear being dished out by the other side. 


Hope. Working together. Making a difference, one piece at a time is how we will win this year, and build stronger communities in the process. I invite you all to take at least one step to help out or volunteer this year.  You can fill out our form by clicking here, and let us know how we can get in touch. Whether it’s donating money or supplies, putting signs in your yard, canvassing, making calls, or even just stopping by the office to see what’s happening- every little bit helps.


Together we will do amazing things, to help get out the vote and make sure Pennsylvania has a better tomorrow.