Welcome to the Party!

We first noticed it during last year’s election: people coming into our campaign headquarters asking how to change their voter registration. It now appears that these were not isolated incidents…and that the trend is growing.

In 2018, there were 601 new Democratic registrations in our 10-municipality zone compared to just 417 new Republicans.

Many principled Republicans have had enough. They share our revulsion at what President Trump has done to their party and to America. Their party has left them and they are looking for a home.

We know that there are many more non-Democrats who share our views but who have not yet changed their registration. After all, in the last election, our 2 candidates for state representative earned more than 50% of the total vote even though Democrats only represent 37% of active registered voters.

So let’s be mindful of this as we prepare for the 2019 election. There are a lot of good non-Democrats out there (see the other 2 articles in this newsletter) who are with us or leaning our way. We need to offer them refuge and a home. Let’s welcome them to the Democratic Party with open arms. Let’s let them know that we appreciate their journey and respect them for their principled decision.

Their support will help us #FinishTheJob of electing Democrats across the board in 2019 and 2020.

-Wayne Braffman, Chair