The election is over, so now we rest? I don’t think so… 

While we don’t have to work at the frenetic pace of the campaign season, there is still much work to be done. Every election is a learning opportunity, time to analyze election results and see what else needs to be done to get Democrats elected.

While Tom Wolf was successful in his run for Governor, despite our having strong Democratic candidates for House of Representatives and Congress none made it into office. Certainly heavily gerrymandered districts played a part but so did record breaking low voter turnout.

Yet in most precincts in our area Republicans are no longer the majority. Democrats, Independents, and others outnumber Republicans indicating that work needs to be done on our part to motivate voters to come out to vote and vote for Democrats.

To that end, KAD has formed a Marketing Communications Committee charged with creating messaging that will precisely and concisely express Democratic positions in a manner that will resonate with voters and draw them out to the polls.

 In an effort to get information about issues and candidates out in a more personal and relatable manner, KAD Committee People will be looking to form stronger relationships with voters in their precincts. Committee people will be reaching out, introducing themselves, and beginning to establish pathways of communications between voters and KAD. Hopefully this will make us a more responsive and effective organization for you.

Sara Leff – KAD Vice-Chair