It’s You!

Tuesday heralded a potential shift in business as usual in Pennsylvania!  Democratic judicial candidates swept all five races sending a signal to Harrisburg that oversight and balance is now a mandate of the people.

In the State Supreme Court, David Wecht, Kevin Dougherty and Christine Donohue won giving Democrats an important 5 to 2 advantage on the Court securing a powerful voice when the question of redistricting and bringing an end to the gross gerrymandering comes up again in 2021. Also at the State level, Alice Beck Dubow won the Superior Court race and Michael Wojcik won the Commonwealth Court race.

Locally, we enjoyed a huge win in Kennett Township with the election of Whitney Hoffman for Township Supervisor.  Kennett Square Borough elected Doug Doerfler, Wayne Braffman and Jamie Mallon to Borough Council.  And Gregg Linder was re-elected to the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board in district C in a hard fought contest.

Unfortunately some great candidates came up short. In the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Board race, incumbent candidate Kathy Do fell short by 10 votes. A painful loss for a wonderful School Board Member.  But this sobering race reminds us that EVERY vote counts. Progress is made in increments. It is made by individuals like you – people who know that their vote counts every time they step into the voting booth.

Where outcomes did not go our way, progress was made. In New Garden, a historically intractable Republican district, voters came within 135 votes of choosing our Democratic Supreme Court Candidates.

These gains are big. But they need to be bigger.  The winners won because they had a core of believers in their camp who volunteered an hour here and there to help bring about the change we need to get true representation.

Change begins at the local level. Kennett Township and Kennett Square Borough proved it. We can shift New Garden, Pennsbury, the Marlborough’s – all the Southern Chester County communities further blue.  But we need you to believe. We need you to participate and we need you to vote!

We are preparing now for the 2016 Presidential Primary on April 26th.  The participation of individuals like you made all the difference in the races we won this past Tuesday. The participation of individuals like you will make a huge difference to the outcome in 2016.

Please visit the Kennett Area Democrats web site for information on issues, events and how you can be a part of progress in Pennsylvania.

Dick Bingham
Chair, Kennett Area Democrats