It’s been 241 years…and we are once again fighting a tyrannical government: a government that would strip us of affordable healthcare, pollute our waters, ignore climate science, set us against one another, suppress our votes and deny our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Our mission and our duty in 2017 are clear:
* Defend our Democracy
* Protect our People
* Restore our Values.

Contrary to what you might think, our resistance–although it passes through Washington and Harrisburg and West Chester–neither begins nor ends in those places. Our work takes place in our precincts…in our neighborhoods…one door at a time. This is where the battle for our nation’s future will be won or lost.

If you are reading this, you understand what is at stake and you have already enlisted in the fight for our cause. We thank you for your commitment. But we need you to do more.

That is why I am now asking you to join a Steering Committee in your precinct to work with your KAD committee people to map out a plan to win your precinct for Democratic candidates in November. Are you in? If so, just email me at to sign up.

What is happening around us is not normal. More than ever, it is true that ‘extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.’ Thank you so much for rising up in the face of the greatest political challenge of our time. Together, we can do this!

Wayne Braffman
Chair, Kennett Area Democrats