Judges? Who cares…

May 19 ballot is full of candidates for judge at all levels from the PA Supreme Court, to the Courts of Common Pleas. Our courts play an important role not only in criminal and civil proceedings, but in important governance issues as well.

Look at gerrymandering and fracking as two examples. Both are serious issues in the minds of voters, and it will ultimately be our judges who will rule on the fairness of the current rules.
We need to ensure that Democrats are fairly represented in these roles, and the only way to do that is to put our best candidates up for election this Fall, and that means going to the primary on May 19.
Each Spring, the Chester County Democratic Party holds a convention of all precinct leaders in the county for the purpose of voting to endorse candidates for the primary election. Stop by your Democratic table on Tuesday and they can show you a sample ballot that displays the results of that convention.