Hey everybody-
Just in case anyone asks you ‘Why should I vote in this election?’ here are 10 great reasons you can give them:
  1. VOTE because you are mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore.
  2. VOTE to make history by electing Democrats to Chester County row offices for the first time EVER!
  3. VOTE to send a message to Washington that this President is a danger to our Democracy, our values and our way of life.
  4. VOTE to send a message to Harrisburg that you will no longer tolerate phony budgets that fail to tax Marcellus shale, short-change our children, and raise our local taxes.
  5. VOTE to stand up for those whose voting rights are compromised by gerrymandering and voter suppression.
  6. VOTE because you love your neighbors…all of them.
  7. VOTE because you don’t want judges who voted for Donald Trump interpreting the law.
  8. VOTE because you don’t want school board members who voted for Donald Trump to decide what our children will be taught in school.
  9. VOTE because you want gun safety laws that protect all of us.
  10. VOTEbecause our Democracy depends upon it!
– Wayne