Yolanda Van de Krol is seeking reelection as the Chester County Clerk of Courts.  She describes the office she heads as the “filing office for documents and money” related to criminal cases heard by the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. Her office is responsible for ensuring that all criminal case paperwork is filed correctly, that all money from fees, fines, restitution, and bail is processed correctly, and for staffing support in court.

Yolanda is proud of the improvements made during her tenure.  Before she took office, all documents were required to be submitted and retained on paper.  She implemented an e-filing system, which allows legal documents to be filed electronically, saving lawyers, their clients and the county time and money.  Further, she implemented procedures to eliminate checks in favor of electronic payments.  These improvements save taxpayers over $160,000 a year.

Yolanda is also committed to criminal justice reform.  To protect low-level juvenile offenders from life-long stigma, she worked with the District Attorney, President Judge, and Juvenile Probation Department to expunge the criminal records of qualifying, low-level juvenile offenders after they turn 18.

If reelected, she has further plans to modernize the office by continuing to identify and correct inefficiencies, scrutinizing every procedure and not automatically continuing to do things the way they’ve always been done, and identifying areas where the office is missing opportunities to do more.  She also wants to continue to support her staff of 28, who often deal with emotionally difficult criminal cases.  She wants to assure that staff feels supported and challenged in their jobs.

Yolanda is a native of Massachusetts, with degrees from Hamilton College and the University of Delaware.  She spent 22 years as a bank executive in the Philadelphia region and has many volunteer commitments as well.

In her rare free time, Yolanda and her husband Tim, a retired financial executive, love to go on long hikes in Chester County’s beautiful parks.  Her son Max is studying engineering at Northeastern University.
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