KAD would like to end this year’s edition of “In the Kennett Spotlight” by thanking one of our behind-the-scenes volunteers:  Ernie Wilson, our Cyber Security, techno-wizard.  This hardworking volunteer has done so much for KAD, we don’t even know the half of it.

Ernie WilsonErnie Wilson maintains the security and integrity of the KAD website.  Ernie is a professional computer security engineer and a resident of New Garden township in the South 1 precinct.

When Ernie saw how Donald Trump was dividing our country and fomenting hate and fear, he decided to get involved in local politics.  Ernie found KAD and immediately offered his skills to improve our website security.  He maintains the KAD platform and encryption security.

Ernie’s top policy issue is health care.  Ernie believes health care should be a universal right.  “If you are a patient somewhere, you are currently somebody’s profit.  When it comes to health care, we need to do better as a society.  We share many things like the roads, government, schools, libraries, military, first responders, the air, the country, the water, but not health care for some reason.  We live in a time with lots of medical services.  Yet, many people aren’t getting treatment or end up in financial debt, because they can’t pay their medical bills.”

We thank Ernie for his hard work and dedication to KAD.